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At the field at’s me. Great opening weekend for River Cities Soccer Club. Top to bottom #thebest #bealion #beAnOutkast

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3-0 victory tonight. Still developing and working. Lesson in tactics this evening. #bealion

One of the many great things about being an art teacher is that I can teacher ANYTHING! ‘Art’ touches all subjects and ideals. #bealion

Never gets old. #bealion

I’m back!! #bealion

....this isn’t only a great album by Neil Young. It’s also a great mantra for life. Death and decay doesn’t stop. If you do, the rust settles in. Keep. Moving. Keep. Creating. Keep being the best you can be. You don’t need anyone’s approval to be who or what you are. #BeALion

No worries, just hangin’ with three dopes! #bealion