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Can’t tell you the last time I’ve felt this physically good. Following my own fitness training that I give my students as well. Soccer is four things: • technic • tactics • fitness • psychology Every session is about hitting 3 of the 4. Sometimes 4 out of 4. #BeALion #GrizzleSoccer

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COME SUPPORT River Cities Soccer Club, Tuesday, May 28th at the Texas Roadhouse!

Come support River Cities Soccer Club, Thursday May 23rd at Rapid Fire 🔥!!! 10% of all proceeds go back to the club! #bealion #rapidfire

Home gym almost complete. Who likes an unfit & fat soccer coach? #bealion #grizzlesoccer

My heart. One of my motivators to continue to get whatever I do. #bealion

RMIS 5th grade trip. #SASSY7