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Team Camper of the Week, here at VT Elite Girls Soccer Camp: Miss Ainsley Bender. #VT #BeALion #RDN

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Looking for a fitness trainer for your soccer player? Look no further than @tracyjfit !! Don’t just take it from me! Listen to one of our players! ‘Tracey is an amazing trainer. In the 6 months I worked with her in 2017, I completely transformed my body, gained strength and increased my speed on the soccer field. She is fun, she is funny, she is inspiring and motivates you to be your absolute best. I was able to accomplish things I never thought I could because of how she motivated me to keep pushing. I wish I could take her to college with me!’ - Abby Satterwhite (soccer player)

2.7miles run/walk on the beach. What you got gurls? #BeALionChallenge #RDN

🎉🎉🎉Happy Happy Birthday to my wife and partner in crime! 🎉🎉🎉 #BeALion #GrizzleSoccer

Had a hard time finding a ‘dry’ patch this morning at the Complex. Getting ready for students til noon. #BeALion #GrizzleSoccer

My foot for reference. This is the snake skin I found in my parents attic. Every bit of 5 feet. #GrizzleSoccer #BeALion 🐍