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Soccer Homework is critical for total player development. 

     What I call Soccer Homework is simply going home and playing with the ball. Find a wall to pass off of. Find a bucket to chip into. Watch soccer on TV and try to mimic your favorite star. Fake out your dog. Pass the ball off a rebounder. There are unlimited amount of things you can do to make yourself better. 
     As an educator, I cannot tell you how important play is in relationship to overall personal development. Using the mind, your imagination, and then lead it into a physical skills builds not only muscle memory but cognitive permanence for a lot of people. 
     Training with me, with another coach, and/or with your team will only get you so far. Your touch and play with the ball will develop you and cement things learned by a trained professional. I HIGHLY suggest downloading and purchasing the Coerver Coaching Ball Mastery app for iOS. Not only will I be using these same activities, but you can then build upon them as well. 

Suggested Soccer Homework

- Find a wall, pass the ball with forced 'perfection' with left foot x30, then the same with the right

- Set-up plush animals up in the living room. Dribble around all of them without touching a plush

- Find a wall, instep strike towards the wall, then practice trapping off the rebound. 

- How many times can you juggle the ball?

- Find a wall, toss the ball towards the wall. Play it back with your head. Properly, of course.

- While watching TV on the couch. With the ball at your feet, can you make a figure 8? With both feet?

- Go to Youtube, look up your favorite player. Can you match one of their fakes?

Stay at it!
Coach Jeremy Grizzle


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