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Shame on us

Shame on...... the local and state leaders who have allowed the poor to suffer
Shame on...... the amount of greed we have allowed
Shame on...... the Republicans
Shame on......the  Democrats
Shame on......the rich
Shame on......the filthy way you stand aside and allow the name of Jesus to be thrown around like its some sort of moniker of height
Shame on...... the lazy to allow themselves to become so dependent on the hand outs of good and kind people
Shame on...... Evil Empire as they feed the lust and greed of big business and send our boys and girls to war for no other reason than to secure a lousy life of excess
Shame on......for having more children when you can barely take care of the ones you have now 
Shame on...... all of you for electing a fascist that will not only continue all of this but will make life worse for those that already had it rough

Shame technologically ignorant because of that you have become even more enslaved and you were before because the cultural lag will allow you to be exploited. 
Shame on......and your ignorance
Shame on......for your weakness
Shame on......for your lack of fight and bravery
Shame on......for your greed 
Shame on......for your hate
Shame on......for not evening caring enough to even think I'm not talking about you
Shame because ever knowing this.......


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   This is a long post so I wanted to provide this plan/explanation in a format that was able to be read and digested better than on regular social media.  River Cities Soccer Club was created in 2017 by parents and players of the tristate area. We saw a need for low cost & high quality soccer club for the tristate. 
We follow a simple motto:  PLAYER DEVELOPMENT (player & person) through Quality Instruction
PROFESSIONAL & EXPERIENCED COACHESAll Team coaches hold licensure and/or extensive years of experience working with youth. Our coaches are not mere collectors of complete athletes, they are committed to developing young athletes and preparing them to play and experience the game. 
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