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....where do we go from here?

....where do we go from here?
what have we done?
we've enabled the worst to be the first in this land
we've lied to every one in the world
we've discovered our imperialistic behavior was incubated when we started this country
we didn't want the land of the free
we wanted the a land that was free-
the revelation we have now?
proves it.

....we are crops of seeds that were sown by white prejudice and hate
we are the fall back to times when it was simpler
simpler to hate what isn't understood or even 'normal'
we've become Matthew Hopkins once more,
to hunt and kill
when we don't even know what we are hunting or even
the purpose of the hunt

we are mythical creatures that were from a failed religion
a magical beast with clipped wings and toe nails.....
we are shameless gluttons of wealth
not knowledge or spirit
not good but pride
we are horrible
we have we done?
....where do we go from here?


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