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I walked through the aisle.....

....I walked through the aisle of my local grocery store and mingle among the smiling tender grouchy hand holding mostly white peoples as they clamour and clang the metal and plastic buggy down each evenly geometriced row....I make eye contact with you. I know who you are. With your pull on camo boots and dirty blue jeans, making room for spit in your tobaccoed stain sort of straighten mouth. That t shirt was glorious in high school as you still cling to memories of weekend stupid tail gating and smoke walled entranced stadiums. I KNOW want you did. I want to crawl into your mouth and pull you apart from the inside....but....the teacher part of me wants to educate you...make you see how what you did was wrong but I know deep down you went against your best interest I know that. You can't see that or even want to know that. I used to be you and I honestly understand how easy it is to just listen to the news and my willfully ignorant friends parents and the just plain stupid back pew wanna-be politicians bark out tell-tales about the Muslim boogieman and how they want your guns. It's easy. It's easy just to nod and push it all aside and watch the cats with yah buddies and pretend they have it all under control. This time. This. Time. It was different.....some how I thought, though stupid in my own right, it would be different. I know who you are. I actually place my hand on your should as I buggy push by, because you about stumbled backwards while picking up this porcelain little baby girl in your left arm. 'Thank you!', you said. 'It's okay', I said....ever knowing that it wasn't. But I did look in her eyes and told her...'you'll make it alright'. Then I picked up some chicken......

The Rev. Col. Mr. Jeremy Grizzle M.A., D.D. 


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Spring 2020 Plan/Explanation for River Cities Soccer Club

Hello All! 
   This is a long post so I wanted to provide this plan/explanation in a format that was able to be read and digested better than on regular social media.  River Cities Soccer Club was created in 2017 by parents and players of the tristate area. We saw a need for low cost & high quality soccer club for the tristate. 
We follow a simple motto:  PLAYER DEVELOPMENT (player & person) through Quality Instruction
PROFESSIONAL & EXPERIENCED COACHESAll Team coaches hold licensure and/or extensive years of experience working with youth. Our coaches are not mere collectors of complete athletes, they are committed to developing young athletes and preparing them to play and experience the game. 
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Coach Jeremy Grizzle M.A.; D.D.
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