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Who are my heroes? ....and other ramblings.

My Heroes & other ramblings

     I've struggled with the ideals of hero my whole life. Beginning, my heroes dwell in places that didn't exist nor could ever exist. Then my heroes began to become figures that held some sort of physical giftedness that I knew that I could not obtain. Outside of all of this I realized that I didn't really know who my heroes were other than religious figures. I cannot place Jesus or The Buddha in the sphere of 'heroes" due to the fact they transcend the title. However, Joseph Campbell aided me in this trip by writing "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" ....nonetheless, the post isn't exactly about anyone other than me, because even at 38 years old I still am finding myself.
     Listed in image form are my heroes. None are perfect, but they have very special meaning to me:

Artist/Chess Player- Marcel Duchamp

Artist/Musician- David Bowie

Professional Fighter/Activist- Muhammad Ali

Social Theorist/Writer- Karl Marx

Freedom fighter/Leader- Geronimo

Artist/Musician- Tom Waits
     I will be writing more in the next several weeks. I have intent to create one more CD of my own music. The subject matter, I haven't a clue what it will be. There are a lot of lyrics and sounds swimming around in my head. I just need to make the time and write about ten songs to record. The idea is for this CD to be able to be performed live with just me. So, it must be simple in nature and also allow me to live record whatever technologies I use. I have all of these crazy instruments at home. I would love to incorporate them into the mix.
     An old friend has asked me to play a show with him sometime in the future in Lexington. I am all about this. I love being in front of people. It's truly beginning to fuel me. I stand in front of a crowd all the time. I just rarely get to put myself out as opposed to showing someone else.
     Additionally, I am in the mist of learning Spanish better...again. I wish I would have taken it more serious in high school AND retaken it in college. The true want I have to learn it now is quite big. I private lesson several students that speak Arabic. Which, is another language I would love to learn. They've offered to teach me. I might take them up on it.



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