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Pendleton Departure

     As of this sunday I will not longer have my studio at the Pendleton Arts Center. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to all the diverse artists I've made friends with at the center over the past two years. I've made a lot of memories at First Friday events and learned more about the inter-workings of the 'downtown' part of our city.
     I will continue to give private lessons. However, my lessons will be for students that I have in school only. The reason why I have to do this is because I will be giving my lessons out of my art room at Russell McDowell Intermediate. Students of Russell Independent Schools hold legal precedence over those that attend other schools due to insurance reasons. I will also be partnering with the Aspire Conservatory for Fine Arts in Ashland. I will be giving collage and sculpture lessons over the fall. Please use the link to contact on how to register for camps and lessons.
 I will still be doing commissions and artwork on my own. That should go without saying. Just to refresh everyone's memory here are some things that I offer:

  1. small side digital films/commericals 
  2. narrated/musical accompanied photo slide shows. 
  3. sculpture (natural materials)
  4. unique paintings (acrylic & watercolor)
  5. various cartoon work. 
Honestly, artistically I've been in a state of flux for some time. I've learned tons and tons of different ways of going about certain things. However, what I've found is that my love of sculpture is really coming back out. I've always considered myself a painter, but a dabbled in the sculpting from time to time. What I've really found out is that it was the TYPE of sculpture that I was doing that was keeping me from truly enjoying it. It's a personal lesson that I teach my student A LOT, but I really didn't follow it myself: Experiment with media before you write it off. I plan on working on some more wire based sculptures at home in the future. 
     Musically, I'm at a stand still. I really like the work of Zach Kouns (local) and these old Los Lobos albums I've been listening to. For years I've made polar end type music. I would make acoustically made stomp-blues or I would create electronic-based music. Oddly enough I truly don't like the mix of the two. People have thrown albums at me in regards to mixing the two but, I feel if it's not done a certain way it feels like a poorly produced movie soundtrack. Not in a good way either.
     I would love to continue my work with digital multimedia. I've been messing around with various visual art forms using Kinetic and Processing. However, I can't seem to get myself enough time to put into learning Processing better. There are various pre-made programs that one can use in relation to interactive media. I have plans to use something like it in my new art room next school year.
     Overall, I mentioned above, in a state of flux in my whole artistic life. My subconscience hasn't been offering much in the realm of inspiration as of late. My old friend hasn't appeared in my dreams in quite some time. I've had some discussions with some acquaintances over this particular subject. They take into account that we are getting older. I refuse to use that as any sort of excuse. My heros were producing quality even masterpieces well into their 'golden years'.

We'll see how it goes,
Mr. Jeremy Grizzle 


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