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Aspire Conservatory of Fine Arts

     We will be taking our act on the road, of sorts, this summer and possibly through Christmas. Mr. Grizzle has been hired to take part in the Aspire Conservatory as an art instructor for summer camps and small group lessons. Details here ---->

     We will still be holding lessons at the Pendleton for the time being. Lack of traffic and general interest in our area is truly putting a damper on various workings. We find it quite unfortunate though our area is crawling with brilliant artists of all shapes and sizes. We tend to place our money into fleeting illusions such as high school sports, one shot church events, and the same tired lazy restaurants.
     What we have found is that is causes many of our truly talent people to move elsewhere in order to feel appreciated and wanted. EK makes 'em and the world takes them.

Mr. Grizzle


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