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Little Update

Miss Jackie Kinley
     It's been a while since my last update. Things are picking up in relation to the end of the school year. It looked like the year would never end at one point several months ago. I, for one, am not real big on snow days. However, they are a necessary evil, I guess, but the amount of days missed this winter was quite a bit unusual for our area. I just hope that the spring and summer months counteract the depressing effect the winter had on a lot of us. Your's truly included.
     The photography work has been coming along quite well. I'm still in the process of mastering my camera and the environment around me. I believe I have something a bit more different than some others in the area. I don't see myself as a straight forward portraiture sort of guy.
Miss Hannah Presley
I would like, sometime in the future, to do some senior shoots and whatnot. I cannot provide the absolute professional prints like some of the great photographers in the area, like Powell Photography or Divine Revelations. However, I can offer a bit cheaper alternative with a more artistic twist. I do not, under any circumstances, see myself as a photographer. I'm simply an artist with a camera.
     This summer I intend on adding quite a few more students to my growing roster of students. I will have my studio for a year this coming June. I greatly appreciate the references and phone calls I get monthly from my current students. Before the school year is out I intend on sending out a flyer to all my public school students showing what I do outside of school and what I offer. As many of you can tell, we at Madman Inc. have quite a diverse set of talents. Hopefully, we can find something that you would like to learn and explore. Most of the time when people think 'art lesson' they feel it should be a lesson in learning 'how to'. That, in part, is what we do. However, art lessons should be much more than that. The artistic way of life is essential for anyone to have a successful life. That isn't necessarily the means to become rich and famous. Being able to be creative and able to think 'on your feet' is absolutely important to ANYONE in their day to day life. For the most part, most 'good' artists are developed in improvisation. Being this way, being in a way that regardless of what is thrown at you, you are able to construct something meaningful should be a general life lesson. I'm pretty sure those that make their living 'making money' understand this concept.



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