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My father's Tree
     Over the years boredom and a touch of the ADD has always pushed me around to various art forms and media. Usually, the way my mind work, when I become interested in something I become completely interested in it until I feel I have become proficient at it. Needless to say, I haven't quite master various art media. Hence, the reason I continue to work to this day. As with every kid I began drawing when I was really small. My overt love for the black crayon worried my elementary teachers a bit.  At first my friend, Jonathan, in school introduced me to the color because the girls at our table in kindergarten weren't very good sharers.
Illustration for 'Trucker Tits', vinyl-lette by Jeff Shelton
He gave me a black crayon telling me it was the 'best anyway.' Well, Jonathan was my first friend outside of forced sunday school and church some I adored him. From that day forward black WAS the best crayon in the group. I have loved the color my whole life. Drawing with its bold dark lines helped me look and appreciated various artist of my young age. Jack Kirby's comic work stood out to me as it was the artwork my father copied. As I got older I began using colors and understood that colors could profoundly effect people. So, I began painting in middle school and became pretty good and water colors. My sophomore year in HS my mother bought me my first easel, which I still use, and painting materials. I began painting at home and fell in love with acrylic. Entering college I was introduced to mixed media assemblage. I worked pushing together the media I knew into this ever growing weirdness. Towards the end of my time in community college my best friend Matt began getting into photography. I pushed my hands around on it but never picked it up as well as he did. Moving to university I fell in love with woodcut and waterless litho printmaking. I enjoyed the physical labor and method of making multiples of my work. Once graduated I began finding less and less time to create my work. I sort of fell into digital painting and moving make about this time. I recorded my own music and began using as much modern technology that I could afford to create work. That leads me to now......
Ms. Madison Fannin
     I have two children who are now old enough to understand what I do. They know when I am working or when I need to work on my art. Before this was a bit of an issue. No longer. I consider myself pretty lucky that I can go into my bag of tricks and create artwork using various medias now. BUT, photography has always alluded me. I love Man Ray & Marcel Duchamps' work and photography was a powerful tool for them to use to express various thought.
     The Ashland area has dozens of REALLY great photographers. These men and women are great at portraiture and news related work. However, my failure to grasp the inter-techical workings of photography is what has alluded me. Not anymore. My new task for this year is to make myself better acquainted and proficient with my little Nikon One J1 camera. I am also extremely lucky to have many friends that are willing to model and stumble around with me as I jump into this. Don't get me wrong! I will always draw, paint, and create short-side films. I'm adding about feather to the hat. So to speak.
     Making art is a funny thing. Unlike some professions or callings you are drawn towards the process of creation on a daily basis. I've been lucky enough to have art (visual and music) to equate and calm me my whole life. Even if I suffered the loss of my limbs, eyes, or ears I would find some simple way to create. I couldn't think of a more worse hell than not being able to just that.
Miss Jackie Kinley

Ms. Madison Fannin


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