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It's done!

     Well, December 2, 2013 I received my new hip. My recovery has been crazy quick. I was up and moving with a walker the first several days. When I was released, a day early mind you, I began walking with a cane. Then shortly after I began walking on my own. I was medically cleared by Dr. Lochow this past Thursday to go back to regular activity. I can't say enough about how awesome St. Mary's Hospital and Scott Orthopedic has been. They treated me exceptionally well throughout my whole experience. I'm sure the fact that I'm only 36 helped, but the way at which I 'bounced back' was partially their responsibility. From day one they knew what to expect and what to tell me when I had questions in regards to....well, anything.
     I am looking forward to getting back to school and regular activities. All art lessons will be starting back up the week of Jan. 6, 2014. 2014 is going to be a great year.



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Spring 2020 Plan/Explanation for River Cities Soccer Club

Hello All! 
   This is a long post so I wanted to provide this plan/explanation in a format that was able to be read and digested better than on regular social media.  River Cities Soccer Club was created in 2017 by parents and players of the tristate area. We saw a need for low cost & high quality soccer club for the tristate. 
We follow a simple motto:  PLAYER DEVELOPMENT (player & person) through Quality Instruction
PROFESSIONAL & EXPERIENCED COACHESAll Team coaches hold licensure and/or extensive years of experience working with youth. Our coaches are not mere collectors of complete athletes, they are committed to developing young athletes and preparing them to play and experience the game. 
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