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No longer defined.....hopefully.

     Since I was nine years old I have been defined as the kid with the limp. I have been defined as the kid with the crutches. I have been defined as the kid with the leg problem. In fact, I have been the kid with the bad hip. I was diagnosed with Legg-Calves-Perthes Disease when I was in the third grade. Four surgeries later I was told that I would need a total hip replacement by the time I was forty. Well, I'm 37. I'm tired of waiting. I am tired of the arthritis. I am tired of being tired and not being able to do more psychical things because I am not 'able' to do so.
     This is where Dr. Lochow comes into play. His picture is over on the right. Dr. Lochow does full blown hip replacements. I was told he's one of the best in our area for doing this. I was also told he was hard to get into. Well.....not so much. :) I see him today. Hopefully, he will give me the news that I am looking for: TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT. Ironically enough, Dr. Lochow was just Steve Lochow when I was in high school. He was a senior academic and athletic star at Russell when I was a freshmen. His father was my Babe Ruth Baseball All-Star coach for one summer. ALSO, ironically enough, Dr. Lochow is with the same orthopedic group I went to when I was nine to see about my leg troubles then. It's kinda funny how some things kinda come full circle. Other than Allan's damn fool decision to cut the high school art position to part-time, everything would have been full circle. Nonetheless, everything can't and karma has already done her duty in that whole account. :)
     Above is a video for the surgery that I am, hopefully, taking part in. The advancements of hip replacement over the years has been quite interesting. In fact, medical science has even cut the recovery time in half since I was first diagnosed with the disease.
     *UPDATE* Had my appointment. Dr. Lochow is incredibily nice and personable. He and his nurse were very helpful in answering questions about what to expect. I return on the 24 of September to make some more concrete plans.

My week beats your year,


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