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the beach part 2

So, we've been here for several days now. You can't really count the first day because its pretty much a bust in relation to doing anything. Travel fatigue has grown considerably since I've gotten older. I fully understand my parents irritability when we went on vacations when I was young. As kids you tend to sleep most of the way. Plus, you have a small body that can curl up in the back seat and sleep. As adults, driving ten hours in the same seat isn't the best for one's body. Plus, I missed my yoga class this past week due to some scheduling issues. My body certainly feels it.
So far Hilton Head has been better this year. We know our way around a lot better and we know were to go when we can't decided what we want to do. So far, we've stayed away from the 'touristy' restaurants: Salty Dog, Frosty Frog, etc. and went with some more local flavor. Anne Marie Crawford, friend of ours, is originally from here. Her brother has managed several restaurants down here. She gave us the scoop on what is good. Ironically, one of them was a 'chain' that also has a location in Lexington: The Mellow Mushroom.

Food was super good, however I give Lexington the hat nod to overall appearance. Apparently, Hilton Head has some pretty strict design and construction codes. Most places, have the same outward appearence. Which is okay, but it really keeps most places (other than on the piers) from really being creative with design. Once inside, its all good though. It's funny though, the ultra-conservative feel of Hilton Head, for the most part, doesnt get the tongue in cheek drug reference. For that matter, my district's DPP took us there once on a trip. He, being the most squares of all squares didn't either; until I pointed it out. I think he was a bit embrassed to 'not get it' sooner. But I digress......
We also went to Wild Wings Cafe. It's more of a local joint, though it was backed with all kinds of vacationers. As wings joints go, it was real good. Most people back home think that Buffalo Wild Wings as the end all for wings places. I disagree. It's certainly good. Certainly close. Certainly cheap. So, absolutely nothing wrong with the place, but I'd give the nod to Wild Wings Cafe in relation to the wing competition.
What sets apart this wings place is the addition of the sauce on the side. They cook the wings with said flavor. When they bring it out you are also given a side of the same sauce. BW3's bakes the same wings and then dumps them with whatever sauce. They're better when cooked on, then allowed to dip for additional flavor.
So far the beach has been real nice. It's rained everyday since we've been here. Now, that sound like a issue, but its not. The rain, when it comes, is fast in and fast out. Plus, it has rained (so far) only about midevening. That way we get in several hours of ocean fun, it begins to rain, we get cleaned up & then go out. Good plan, so far.
Harper and Jack 
to be continued...

Hare Krishna


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