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Real Heroes

I woke up this morning and began reading an article about Beyonce. Yep, the same thunderous voiced woman that just so happens to be married to Jay-Z.

It was pointing to how she is coming off as looking hypocritical by her allowing an endorsement for Pepsi. Long and the short of it: Yes, she is. I could go on and on about how she is actually a dime a dozen performer. She is. Just look at it. 90% of her songs are not written by her. They are written for her. She does not make the music she sings to. She has people do it for her. Which is fine, however, not even the basic formation of any song is hers. She is a gifted singer and can dance. However, she is far and away not as talented as any of her heroes. Back to the point at hand. Pepsi & Beyonce. Her written response to the criticism is just as ignorant and irresponsible as her music. Yes Michael Jackson did Pepsi commercials & yes he was a sell-out for doing them. Yes, the logic fits. Lets get to the biggest point: neither performer needed any of the money from either endorsement to continue to make music and be creative.

They were given a gift, Jackson far more so than Beyonce, and chose to capitalize on this gift by living far beyond their needs in the face of a impoverished economy and musical supporters. Plus, don't give me the fact that they both have charities to give to as well. They do. As they should. However, both also fundraised for said charities and rarely gave of their own 'earned money'. Look it up. That's not real charity that building public relations and "eating it too".

Above is Bill Hicks. I will say right now, this is not suitable for children. For that matter not suitable for most 'adults'. However, if you get past the 'jokes' and you get past the cursing, you will find a truth. Bill was a master at that. He certainly wanted to entertain you, but he wanted you to learn as well. It's odd, aren't most good musicians like that? Even the ones that we don't like? Real heroes should be people that stand for something. Give away & not expect things in return. Here is Joseph Campbell's take on it:
His definition is: A hero is someone that has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. I tend to look back to Campbell for his take on things. He was a brilliant man that truly wasn't really 'discovered' for his knowledge of mythology and legend until after his death. In my opinion, he hits that nail right on the head with this one. Now, I challenge you.....who are your heroes? Do they match that definition? Or are they simply talented people?

Hare Krishna:


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