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The beach part 1

Made it to the 'beach'. For years I took the Bills Hick preception of the beach, "'s a place were land meets water. What's the big deal'. He was right. There really isn't such a big deal about it. However, over the years I have learned and discovered why I do certainly like it. Honestly, it has little to no reasoning behind having water next to land.

1. Away- it's aways from everything. Though I hate the drive, the beach is far away from everyone and everything that that brings external stress (other than family) to my life.

2. Being an adult sucks- Yes, yes it does....pure and simple. Being aways from all the other pretensions of being an adult, for awhile is nice.

3. The water. Not a real big fan of sand. Honestly, I would probably like the beach more if there wasn't sand. Sand is pretty much a grand annoyance. Nonetheless, the water is glorious. How it moves. How it reacts. What it holds. Living on a boat at sea for a short time is on my bucket list. More on my bucket list on another post.

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