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Rant- Blessed & Praying

     Okay, I haven't done this in quite sometime. However, I feel 'led' to do so. As of late, I have two very lasered pet peeves, so to speak. Both of these are classic Facebook comments. I've hated them for quite some time, but my rage in relation to the frequency as of late....well, here you go:
'Blessed'- I grandly dislike/hate this comment post. For that matter, using the 'hashtag' 'Blessed' is far more vile. Nine times out of ten when someone posts the comment 'blessed' it is referring to some thing 'they' have. As if 'they' are responsible for said 'thing'. Folks, your mind and your hard work got you were you are. Our Lord 'blesses' everyone. You working harder or being more of a 'christian' does not afford you the right to gloat and boast about your financial situation. WHICH for the most part did not come at your own hard work, but off the shoulders of others. Being blessed isn't the Lord 'giving you something' whether material or spiritual when you doesn't involve you doing a thing. For example: That nice vehicle you drive. Blessed to have it? Nope, your employees worked their rears off to make you money to buy that. You have a nice husband/wife/kids. Blessed to have it? Nope. Lucky. Even the best of scientific dabbling cannot reproduce the exact same thing, twice. Granted, this obviously does not mean everyone. Nonetheless, you know who you are. For the most part, most people should use the term 'LUCKY' instead of 'blessed'. If you are having trouble following me I suggest you read Max Weber's 'The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism'. And, NO, you can't find it on the New York Times best seller list. This book was written before you were born. I try to read it every other year.

'Praying'- This one makes my blood boil. How dare you post this comment all the time! How dare you stupefy and simplify the works of others and the omnipotence of our Lord! I would bet my beloved Vulcan that 90% of people who post this comment never mediate or EVEN COME CLOSE to quieting themselves in front of the Lord to petition with such concerns. This action is by far the closest public action to what Christ so grandly disfavored in the institutional church of his time. Pray? Lets be serious! You speedily typing on your smart phone the simple seven letters- praying- is about as dis-genuine and bold faced a lie as there is. While we are on the subject: Do you know HOW to pray? I mean talk with the Lord? Ask yourself that question. I'm not talking about showmanship at your local curb church. I'm not talking about raising your hand. I'm not talking about reportedly 'speaking in tongues'. Praying. Really praying. I live a semi-busy life. I have to MAKE time to pray from time to time. I'm not better than you, or vice versa, so how yah doing with all that FB prayin' yah doin'?
#Testify #LifeAsArt.

Hare Krishna,


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