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Our FIRST...First Friday

Jacko Grizzle enjoys his 'Groucho Glasses' at Ashland's  First Friday 
     As far as we know, everything went well for Madman Inc. on our first First Friday. The city does a pretty good job of shutting down part of the city for an evening to sort of celebrate the arts. For the most part most people come out for the cars and food. Later, they mingle around to see where the true talent of our region resides.....the galleries. We have TONS of brilliantly talented people that, at times, takes many of us to 'find by mistake'. Ms. Lester and Lebrun have been part of this area arts scene for decades, but yet hold very little view in the public eye. However, we can continue to 'showcase' the same musical acts month in and month out with no problem. Makes little sense to me. Though this week we had some 'little acts' littered around a few city blocks and inside the Pendleton that made up for the 'same old'. I would love to see actual creative peoples, in music, be part of First Friday. For the most part, Ashland is known for creating some pretty stellar 'copy cats' for many of us to listen to. There comes a time when 'art' is pulled from music when it's exactly what we are used to hearing. Trust me, the Ashland area has ALWAYS had original musicians/singer-song writers. However, we tend to promote the 'old & reliable' rather than the ' young & experimental'. We even take brilliance in music and beat it into mediocrity. Maybe, we can do something about that....I don't know. However, let me say this again, we have the talent. We have always had the talent. There isn't any reason we have to turn all public performances into a small town version of the Culps. Safe is fine, but growth doesn't happen by not trying.

     Josh Euton and April Riggs joined us in showing some of their work at Studio 118. Both are terrific artists and great people to boot. I look forward to working with them some more. Also, feel free to go see them at Bloodline Tattoos in Flatwoods. Josh is the newest employee there. Hutch has created a great reputation and Josh has really ran with it. Did I mention they're also really nice people? Yeah, thought I did.

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