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Our first FULL month

Hello All!

    We are about to finish our first full month at Madman Inc. I must say, it been real nice to see all the families coming to be and wanting art lessons for their children. We've stayed very busy with appointments and lessons. Granted, we aren't making millions, but we are offering additional services to families that would like to have it.  July, actually, looks even more booked than June. The first week of July my family and I will be taking a trip to Hilton Head Island. We went last year, loved it, so we're going back.
Honestly, Hilton Head doesn't really fit into the Madman moniker. We pride ourselves in being unique and 'not clean cut'. However, though the environment at Hilton Head is conservative; it's locals are very 'down' and willing to branch out. Honestly, again, it's a lot like some of our area schools: Try to look preppy, but can get it. We agree with that statement. However, being true to yourself is quite more admirable.

Hare Krishna;


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