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There are certain things that I find quite curious:
1- Why does a job interview hold so much weight in hiring? Vision, creativity, & passion for the job should gauge far more. The previous question is why we have so many poor administrators in most districts. We get suckered by the show & the loud personality. 
2- What is so important about 'winning'? 
In every case, there must be a complete understanding and grasp of the situation. Sometimes, no one wins or loses. I, personally, believe that the Japanese ideal of 'tie' is by far more honorable. 
3- Why do people lie in the face of true honesty? IMO people lie to perpetuate the entertainment. We're under this vast understanding that people care what we do; as if we live in a reality TV show. 

4- Why are so many of us afraid of the faith of others? We live in the Bible Belt, yes. However, I challenge anyone to show me where Jesus condemned other faiths. He only condemned the hypocrites of his own. At Madman Inc. we respect and we welcome everyone of any faith. Always. 

Hare Krishna,


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